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Are Diuretics Effective Against Water Retention?

Diuretics are substance which induce more frequent urination. They come in many forms - from pills to capsules to drinks to naturally occurring herbs. The prevailing theory is that diuretics help one get rid of the water that is retained in the body when one feels bloated. Diuretics in herb and pill form have actually gained a large following, especially as a way to reduce bloating and swelling.

However, the fact is that there isn’t much by way of scientific evidence that diuretics - especially the herbal kinds - are effective against water retention. Taking diuretics may actually pose a risk for some people, especially those who are experiencing water retention due to some other underlying condition. If you are taking medication for some other condition, you should not take diuretics without consulting your physician first.

There is another kind of pill which is similar to diuretics - the water pill. This actually refers to pills which work on the premise that if there is more water in the body, it can help flush out the water that is being retained. While the premise might have some validity, medical professionals will tell you that it is better and safer to simply drink more water rather than take water pills.

If you do not have any other medical condition and you really want relief from bloating, then there are some diuretics that may give you partial relief. Still, it is better to consult with your doctor before you take anything of this nature as you never know how your body will react.

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