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Are Self-Help CDs Helpful?

Self-help CDs and books are nothing new, but they have risen in popularity in the recent years. Perhaps the publicity that they have received, thanks to the celebrities that have promoted them, contribute to this popularity. Self-help CDs can be found left and right, and they cover all sorts of topics from mental issues to emotional problems to weight loss to general health subjects.

The big question is whether or not these self-help CDs actually work for people. There is really no clear-cut answer to this question as the helpfulness of self-help CDs depend on the actual CD, the topic, and the person using them. What is clear is that there are a lot of self-help CDs that have helped many people.

There are many advantages to using self-help CDs, especially those that are informative in nature. If you think about it, they are simply another way of presenting information that we used to look up in encyclopedias and similar resources. Self-help CDs are simply the manifestation of new technology.

Self-help CDs make it easier for people to gain access to information. Rather than having to go to a library and manually looking up the needed info, one can simply put a CD on and listen to it whenever and wherever he wants to. More so, one can manipulate the CD if he needs to listen several times to certain parts, stop playback when necessary, and so on.

There are some situations, however, which may require more than a self-help CD. For example, some self-help CDs may be useful in dealing with certain life issues. For people with serious emotional and mental problems, though, self-help CDs may not be enough.

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