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Are Tijuana Escorts Legal?

Escorts in Tijuana are illegal but the practice of sex workers is decriminalized in this city. Technically Tijuana has a law that outlaws the practice of a man, or woman living off a sex worker which is supposed to help keep the practice of Pimping, or Pandering to a minimum but it hasn't.

Tijuana Escorts is a big business inside and outside Tijuana's Red Light District.

About 700,000 men in the U.S. (or 0.65 percent) pay prostitutes for carnal relations each year, according to one survey. And roughly half a million men from around Mexico and around the world travel to Tijuana's Red Light District to party, and enjoy Tijuana's Night Life Scene.

Tijuana is considered one of the world's most dangerous cities. Ranking fourth in murders per person. Another city in Mexico Ciudad Juarez is considered the most dangerous.

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