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Basic Info About Drawing Salves

A drawing salve is an ointment that is meant to draw out the infection or poison from the skin. It is also supposed to be able to draw out other debris such as splinters from the skin. A drawing salve actually has its roots in folklore and folk medicine and does not have much of a scientific basis. The idea behind a drawing salve is more mystical or spiritual in nature. In the old times, people believed that the cause of infection or poison was linked to the spirits. Using a drawing salve, they believed that this spirit can be drawn out and that the wound could be healed.

Today, drawing salves are still used rather widely even though they are not supported by the FDA. The good thing about drawing salves is that they are usually made from herbs and other medicinal plants. Therefore, they still have some therapeutic value, even if they may not draw out the spirits that are supposed to cause the infection.

There are many brands of drawing salves that can be bought in drugstores and alternative medicine stores. One can even buy them online. The ingredients used in drawing salves vary depending on the brand, but one can expect ingredients such as ichthammol, phenyl alcohol, and arnica montana to be used. Other ingredients that are used in drawing salves today include calendula, echinacea, vitamin E, and other essential oils. Beeswax is also often used as the base for the drawing salve. Alternatively, you can make your own drawing salve at home using one of the countless recipes you can find online.

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