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The Basics of Delaware Corporations

A Delaware corporation is any registered corporation operating within the state of Delaware in the United States. Delaware corporations make up most of the Fortune 500, a popular list of outstanding businesses.

One main reason why this kind of corporation continues to develop and increase in number is because courts found in Delaware specialize in corporate law. This explains why this kind of corporation performs well and extraordinarily in business. This basically shows that Delaware is well experienced in the corporate law which enables it to serve as the best guide and role model compared to other types of courts.

Being a Delaware corporation also has several advantages. These advantages contribute to the continuous development of any business. One advantage is that there is no need for a Delaware corporation to be recognized as part of public state records.

Another advantage is that no income tax payment for businesses located out of state is required. Corporations that don’t do business are also exempted from paying an income tax. This is very beneficial because with no income tax payment required, growth and development of a corporation and its people is sure to proceed undeterred. There is, however, a corporate franchise tax required but which is very minimal at only around $60.

Businesses interested to register as a Delaware corporation do it in different ways such as through the telephone, internet or fax. This can be coursed through an accredited agent from any part of the world.

The state of Delaware is known to have one of the most flexible corporate laws. In fact, any business entity can become a Delaware corporation from any part of the world. This means that one does not need to actually stay or put up a business in the state to be referred to as a Delaware corporation.

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