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Bauder College

To enroll in Bauder College is to commit to one’s future. Bauder College provides the education and skills needed to students who are willing to make the commitment to achieve a fulfilling career and life in the future. Its educational offerings are tailored to those intending to start a career as well as to those seeking professional advancement.

Bauder College can be found at the Northyards Office Park Complex in Atlanta, Georgia. Occupying two buildings made up of 60,000 square feet of classrooms, instructional, laboratory and office spaces; it naturally blends with its surrounding historic structures. Notable places of interest in culture, professional sports and entertainment are accessible from the college.

Educational programs are offered in the fields of Allied Health, Business, Criminal Justice, Design and Information Technology. Curriculums are designed around the required skills sought by employers in the current competitive job market. Class sizes are highly limited to allow students to relate one-on-one with instructors and peers. Instructors are equipped with real-world experiences that are necessary in passing on skills and knowledge. Externships or on-site trainings are emphasized by the programs and supervised by industry professionals.

Dormitory facilities are not available in Bauder College although a housing service maintains an office in the campus to entertain inquiries on lodging requirements of students. Refresher courses are offered to graduates of Bauder College at no cost subject to availability of space in a program class previously taken up. However, there are no credits given to such refresher courses.

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