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A Guide to the Best Credit Cards

Finding the best credit cards requires careful research and planning to guarantee the credit card you choose best suits your long term financial needs. As one completes each stage of life, financial needs and situations change as an individual develops. Here is a guide to the best credit card for each stage of your financial development.

Best Student Credit Cards

Most people acquire their first credit cards while studying. As choices for individuals with no credit history are greatly limited, applying for and getting declined from credit card accounts has an adverse affect on your credit score. The best student credit cards are geared for people with low incomes and little to no credit history. Prepaid credit cards often meet the needs of some students, though the best credit cards offer:

1. No annual fee
2. A cash back incentive program
3. A reward system for keeping the account maintained properly

Best Credit Cards For College Graduates

The best credit cards for college graduates are those which allow individuals access to emergency funds but do not allow the risk of credit liabilities or restrictive credit card programs. As a college grad is focused upon building their future, the best credit cards offer:

1. 0% APR balance transfers
2. Low regular APR
3. A cashback incentive program
4. No annual fee

Best Low Interest Credit Cards

Credit cards allow people with limited to no credit history the opportunity to build credit at generally any stage of their lives. Low interest credit cards are ideal for people who make a large purchase and intend to pay back the purchase over an extended amount of time. Low interest credit cards are a valuable resource for purchases of large appliances, home furnishings, and emergencies like home or auto repairs. The best low interest credit cards offer:

1. No annual fee
2. Payment reminders via text message or email
3. Low interest rates

Best Credit Cards For International Travelers

Once individuals settle into financial adult hood, have a steady source of income, have secured a home, and can take a much needed vacation, many credit card options increase. One of the best means of earning value or rewards from daily purchases with a airline credit or credit card rewards program may allow two-fold advantages. Many credit cards allow card holders to redeem points for air miles, hotel accommodations, or other travel incentives. Here are the best credit cards for travelers:

1. Rewards for travel expenses
2. No foreign transaction fees
3. Cards accepted in foreign countries
4. No annual fee
5. Low interest rates

Best Credit Cards For Rewards

The best credit cards offer account holders rewards for establishing, maintaining, and upholding an excellent credit rating. Rewards cards allow account holders gifts, cash back incentives, air mileage or airfare points and low interest rates for purchases made by financially responsible card holders. The best credit card reward programs offer:

1. Reward programs with no expiry period
2. No annual fee
3. 0% APR with new purchases
4. Low interest rates

Best Credit Cards For Rebuilding or Reestablishing Credit

Even people with impeccable credit find themselves in financial trouble due to unforeseen circumstances. This is a fact of life that can be costly but repairable. The best credit cards to rebuild credit histories are the programs which best meet your financial needs. Committing to reestablishing your credit takes time and careful investigation of your options. The best credit cards which allow account holders to rebuild or reestablish credit offer:

1. Pre-application or pre-qualification to prevent further negative credit impact
2. Regular reporting to credit bureaus
3. A messaging service via text or email as a reminder for payment due dates


There is no best credit card option standard for every account holder as many individuals are at different stages of financial development. As one matures, their financial status changes and it is best to choose credit cards best suited to provide the maximum benefits for each stage of financial development.

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