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What Are the Best Online Brokers?

Online brokers are a great option to manage investment portfolios especially in today's economy. Investors have steadily relied on financial advisors and brokers for decades to maximize investment returns and for advice on funds placement. Using an online broker has many advantages, including: lower costs, 24 hour phone access, customer service chats, podcasts, and a larger range of savings and investment options. Online brokers offer more than most financial advisors and in office brokers as online brokers have more access to savings and investment options in the form of stocks, funds, bonds, certificates of deposits, investment trusts, and tax efficient investments like health savings accounts, investment retirement accounts, and education savings accounts.

How To Choose An Online Broker

Online brokers are a relatively new concept as the facility just recently moved on to the Internet. Beginning or seasoned investors may have confidence in the services offered via many online broker firms and organizations. Online brokers are sufficiently regulated though it is in every investors interest to check into the credentials of any and every online brokerage services. When choosing an online broker, be certain to study the services offered, fees incurred with any transactions, and any available promotion offers. Consulting a third party or recommendations from an online broker's existing client/s, in the form of testimonials or information offered in relevant forums, ensures quality in services. Avoid opinions offered by affiliate web sites as this often leads to inaccurate or outdated information and could lead to a financial loss.

Comparison Research

Comparison research is a simple, yet effective means to assist in choosing an online broker. Be certain to research a variety of online brokers and take advantage of sign up promotions and any ongoing customer loyalty programs. Many online brokers offer welcome bonuses, commission free trading, and referral services for any new clients you suggest to online brokers. Maximizing any and all promotional offers allows you to increase your investment profitability and is often tremendously lucrative.

Discount Online Brokers

Online brokers charge fees for their services and choosing the cheapest online broker is not always advantageous. Investigating all costs related to and incurred by online brokers will maximize your options. The most optimum way to evaluate a potential online broker often an email away. Requesting a schedule of charges via email and gauging the timeliness of a potential online broker's response is key to determining an online broker's customer service standard. If the response is quick, it is a good indication of the level of service an online broker will provide with more important investment issues. The best online brokers will tailor an investment portfolio to your personal financial circumstances and efficiently address and respond to any of your questions and transaction matters. The best online brokers are willing to work with you to foster a relationship, provide information and experience to increase returns on your investment, and charge reasonable fees for their services.


Time is the best indicator to determine whether the online broker you choose is a good match for your investment needs. Online brokers are a great option for beginners and for those with more experience in the realm of investing. A great online broker will assist you in all of your investment options while minimizing risks, maximizing profits, and expanding your investment portfolio.

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