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Boise State University Online

Through an Extended Studies Division, the Boise State University offers the window of Distance Education to students all over the world.  The process is made fairly easy and consists of at least four basic steps including admissions, application for financial aid, seeking an advisor and review of the requirements.  The activities for online classes are asynchronous thus would not require student’s participation at the same time although deadlines still have to be observed.

Boise State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities with most of its programs having special accreditations as well.  Online courses and programs are offered in the fields of Education, Respiratory Care, Nursing, Instructional and Performance Technology and Education Technology.  Certificate courses are also offered online.  The credit received for distance courses is no different from that of traditional on-campus classes.

Distance delivery methods are not limited to the online option but also make use of other delivery forms such as video broadcast, video conferencing, video tape, computer-based multimedia and the university’s knowledge network which is facilitated by interactive microwave system and cable television.  Prospective students can check the Student Financial Services webpage to verify tuition rates per course.

The university uses the Blackboard as the e-learning management system of all its online classes.  Orientation to e-learning is provided to help students enrolled in the courses while making available the required technical support.  Its commitment to provide greater flexibility in terms of time or place in increasing access to higher education have earned excellent reviews for its consistent efforts which is in accordance with the guidelines for best practices.

Source:  Boise State University Online Information

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