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Bonsai Bulldogge Dog Breed

As its name suggests, it is a miniature-sized Bulldog specially bred for people who wants a small dog but has the personality of a large stocky breed. It is not yet recognized by official registries and associations as it is still in the process of being developed as a breed. The preferred height is 12 inches or under and weight should be less than 35 pounds. The head is broad and square and moderately sunken between the eyes, which are wide and set apart. The nose is broad and black, the muzzle is short and broad with some wrinkling. It has an undershot bite but the lower canines should not be protruding from the lower mouth. The neck is very wide and muscular and the chest is deep, wide and well set. The legs are also stocky and muscular but should not be straight nor too bowed. Coat is short and the preferred tail resembles a pump handle that reaches naturally to the hocks.

As a smaller sized dog, the Bonsai Bulldogge fits right either into small space or country living. They have the tenacity of the bigger version, just as brave, loyal and dedicated to its master but not as unwieldy nor take up as much space. They have a stable disposition and make good watch dogs. When socialized properly and trained at an early age, they can be good with children and other pets. They are strong and energetic, enjoying long walks with humans and active games.

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