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Border Collies Dog Breed

Recognized as one of the most intelligent and multi-talented dog breeds, the Border Collie is a descendant from dogs used by Vikings to herd reindeer and the old British droving breeds. Originating from Northumberland along the borders of Scotland and England, it was originally called the “Scotch Sheep Dog.” The Border Collie weighs 27 to 45 pounds and has a height range of 18 to 22 inches. It has a double layer of coat that is dense, weather resistant and comes in two varieties: a short and sleek coat, and a rough, coarse coat that is longer. Colours include black and white, tri-colour, red and white, yellow and white, black and gray, sable and all-black. The hair on the face, ears and front legs is always short and sleek. It has oval and wide set eyes that are usually brown in color. Occasionally there would be a merle where one or both eyes may be blue.

Border Collies have been bred primarily as a working stock dog. They are excellent herders, taking directions by voice or by whistle even at long distances. With its speed, agility and stamina this breed has also excelled in competitive events such as flyball, disc throwing, performing tricks and competitive obedience. The Border Collie is also used for narcotics and bomb detection, police work, search and rescue, guide for the blind and providing assistance to handicapped individuals. They can work hard, but they can also play hard. Lively, vibrant and energetic, this dog lives to serve and please its owner. This breed requires daily and frequent exercise.

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