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Borzoi Dog Breed

“Borzii” in Russia means “swift” and “Borzaya” (“quick dog”) is the Russian term for various types of sight hound. The Borzoi is the longhaired kind, developed by crossing the Arabian Greyhound with other longer haired Russian sheepdogs. It has a slight resemblance in shape to the Greyhound, as well as other Middle-Asian breeds such as the Afghan Hound. The females stand about 26 inches and weigh 60 to 90 pounds, while males have a height of at least 28 inches and weigh from 75 to 105 pounds. Its most distinctive feature is its long, silky hair - the top layer is silky, quite flat with varying degrees of waving or curling. Colours commonly come in black, white, tan, gray with black markings or golden in either solid or mixed colours. It has dark eyes that are slanted and a tail that is set low with a curve.

Graceful and lithe in appearance, the Borzoi was originally used to hunt wolves, fox and hare in Russia. Today it is being bred and kept as a house pet and with its docile and even temperament it is not hard to see why. Affectionate with the people they know well and proud and reserved with strangers, the Borzoi is a gracious companion. They are rather quiet, rarely barking inside the house. They also display cat-like traits in that they keep themselves clean. Like most hounds, they are independent and can be selective when it comes to following orders or directions from humans, prone to stubbornness when not properly motivated. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

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