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Boston College

Boston College was and is envisioned to be an institution that integrated intellectual excellence and religious commitment. Boston College’s history is a story that began in 1534 in a chapel in Montmartre in Paris which continues to unfold today in Massachusetts. Boston College was founded by the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits, with the goal of transforming the world by “finding God in all things.” At the beginning, the Jesuits literally worked towards their goal at Boston College through various fields such as education.

Boston College is comprised of 8 colleges and schools including the College of Arts and Sciences, the Lynch School of Education, the Law School, the Caroll School of Management, the Connell School of Nursing, Graduate School of Social Work, School of Theology and Ministry and the Woods College of Advancing Studies. The choices for fields of study are many fo bothr undergraduate and graduate programs.

Tuition rate for a regular undergraduate course is $ 19,265.00 per semester and $ 1,284.00 per credit for extra courses. The programs of Woods College of Advancing Studies cost $ 1,452.00 per course. Its graduate program cost $ 608.00 per credit. Law School tuition is $ 19,745.00 per semester. The rest of the programs are charged per credit: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - $ 1,182.00; Lynch Graduate School of Education - $ 1,050.00; Carroll Graduate School of Management - $ 1,220.00; Connell Graduate School of Nursing - $ 1,050.00; Graduate School of Social Work - $ 932.00; School of Theology and Ministry - $ 804.00 and undergraduate summer - $ 608.00.

Boston College’s main campus is its Chestnut Hill Campus but it has 3 other venues for education including the Newton Campus, the Brighton Campus and the Weston Observatory. Some of the college’s notable educational contributions are the Learning to Learn Program, Mentoring Program and the Shared Connections Program, among others.

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