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Brenau University

A Brenau University academic experience is grounded on liberal education with emphasis on individual and social equity. Its curriculum uses four portals of education: expansion of worldview; discovery of science and math; development of creativity and imagination; and the refreshment and refinement of communication and language skills. Each is designed to reveal connections between the many varied areas of academic exploration.

Brenau’s various programs are offered through its School of Education, School of Business and Mass Communication, School of Fine Arts and Humanities and the School of Health and Sciences. Majors offered include Accounting, Art Education, Arts Management, Biology, Business Administration, Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies, Dance, Education, English, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Graphic Design, Health Science, History/Political Science, Interior Design, International Studies, Liberal Studies, Mass Communication, Music, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Psychology, Studio Art, Theatre, and Musical Theater. Study abroad programs are likewise offered in select countries including China, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Brenau University
is a historic women’s institution. It is home to the Brenau Academy which seeks to provide exemplary secondary education to young women to prepare them for college education. Academy students have full access to the university facilities such as the library, athletic facility, cafeteria and auditorium. Academy graduates are able to confidently enter college armed with sufficient academic preparation. The university has 5 existing campuses including the Gainesville Campus (Main Campus) in Gainesville, the South Atlanta Campus in Fairburn, the North Atlanta Campus in Norcross, the Augusta Campus in Martinez and the Kings Bay Campus, all of which are located in the State of Georgia. Campus resident students are charged about $ 29,000.00 annually for tuition, room and board and technology fee. Commuting students pay tuition of $ 9,275.00 and $ 618.00 per additional hour.

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