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Brown University

Brown University was founded as the College of Rhode Island in 1764. The Institution was originally located in Warren, Rhode Island and transferred to its present location in 1770 amidst the historic College Hill Neighborhood, overlooking Providence City, also in Rhode Island. It was renamed Brown University in 1804 in recognition of one of the institution’s benefactors – Nicholas Brown.

At present, three schools including the Undergraduate College, Graduate School and the Medical School make up Brown University. The university offers more than 100 programs leading to the four-year baccalaureate degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Although the university’s open curriculum allows students to shape their individual courses of study, there are four basic obligations that need to be fulfilled before graduation. This would include competency in writing, successful completion of at least 30 courses, successful completion of a concentration/major and the fulfillment of enrolment requirement of 8 semesters of full-time enrollment. Other programs of study can facilitate combined degrees, concurrent baccalaureate/master’s degree and the 5th Year Master’s program.

Brown University has existing partnerships with other educational institutions to widen academic opportunities for its student body. Some of these notable institutions are the Rhode Island School of Design, Tougaloo College, Wheaton College and Nanjing University. Study abroad programs are also sponsored by the university at 53 different institutions located in 14 foreign countries. Originally of Baptist affiliation, it continues to dedicate itself to diversity as well as intellectual freedom long after it has shed its religious affiliation.

Total enrollment is approximately 8,000 including students in the three schools. There are 628 faculty members handling the various programs. Student/faculty ratio is 9:1. Annual cost for undergraduate study is estimated at $ 48,000.00 including tuition, fees, room and board. The university campus stands on a 143-acre land that houses 238 academic, residential and recreational facilities.

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