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Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

Canada’s traditional sled dog is also considered to be North America’s oldest and rarest remaining purebred indigenous canine. This ancient Arctic breed has gone through many name changes and is known by different names such as “Exquimaux Husky,” “Qimmiq” (as the Inuit of Arctic Canada referred to the dog), and the politically correct “Canadian Inuit Dog“. The Canadian Eskimo Dog has a shared history with the Thule culture of Inuit (Eskimo people) for at least 4000 years.

This powerful dog weighs from 45 to 88 pounds and stands at 20 to 28 inches. As a spitz breed, it has erect and wedge-shaped ears, and a tail that is bushy and feathered. It is said that the Canadian Eskimo Dog bears a resemblance to wolves, with the most distinct differentiation being the tail which is shorter and more curved with the breed. It has a thick and dense coat with a mane of thicker fur around its neck giving it the illusion of bulk and size. There is no one colour or colour pattern for the breed - it can range from solid white with markings around the eyes, nose and lips; red and white; black and white; sable body with white on chest; silver gray body. The Canadian Eskimo Dog has a howl for its natural voice and not a bark.

This hardy working breed is loyal, tough, brave, intelligent and alert. They have been bred for the Arctic environment and works well as a pack dog. It is a good companion for an adult but not for a child.

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