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Canary Dog Breed

Also known as “Perro de Presa Canario” this large molosser breed was developed in the 1800s in the Canary Islands specifically for dog fighting. Weighing 80 to 130 pounds and with a height ranging from 21 to 25 inches, it is heavily built and has a powerful, broad and massive head. The breed is characterized by its well-muscled build with a sloping topline - the rear being slightly higher than the shoulders. It has a broad and deep chest as well and the ears are normally cropped and are erect. The lips are thick with the interior being dark in colour and the flews are slightly loose. The coat is short, sheds little and slightly coarse to the touch. Colour comes in fawn, shades of brindle and brown with white markings and a black mask on the face.

The Canary Dog, or commonly known as Presa is a dominant breed with excellent guarding skills and protective instincts. They possess a strong character which lends well to tasks such as big game hunting, search & rescue, tracking, police and military work. At home they can make good pets provided training and socialization starts at an early age and they have a firm and responsible owner that they can look up to as a figure of authority. Presas are known to be extremely affectionate and devoted to their families and they are tolerant of children. They have a life expectancy of up to 11 years.

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