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Caravan Hound Dog Breed

This ancient Indian dog breed is a native to the Deccan Plateau in the west, traveling with nomadic traders who went in caravans - hence the name Caravan Hound. It is believed that the Karwani, or the Caravan Hound was bred from the Saluki and Afghan Hound which were brought into India through the Khyber Pass. It is also known by the name Mudhol Hound after a former ruler of Mudhol presented a pair of the dogs to King George V of England who pronounced them as true sight hounds and called them the “Hounds of Mudhol.”

A working dog breed, the Caravan Hound is lean and elegant with well-defined characteristics. The head is long and narrow with a long, tapering muzzle. The neck is also long and muscular and the chest is strong and deep. It has large and piercing eyes that are oval-shaped. The tail is set low and carried in a natural curve. It has a high-footed gait with all four legs flexing. There are two coat varieties - one that is short and smooth, and the other with silky feathering on the ears, legs, back of thighs and tail.

The Caravan Hound is a highly intelligent hunting and guard dog. It is capable of enduring the most extreme conditions having been exposed to the rough country environment in India. This is an aloof breed - they do not like being touched by other people except their master. They are also not suitable for apartment or small space living as they require a lot of space to move around.

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