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Carolina Dog Breed

Also called the American Dingo, Dixie Dingo, or Indian’s Dog, this breed is classified as a “pariah dog” (a general name derived from the Tamil word for the lowest level of the Indian social caste system, “pariah dogs” are wild, feral dogs that can be found roaming everywhere). The Carolina Dog is said to be a primitive breed existing today as a result of natural selection for survival. It weighs between 30 to 44 pounds and stands 17 to 24 inches. It bears physical resemblance to the Dingo, well-muscled, powerful and well-developed. Its distinct feature is the “fish-hook” tail which is never slack or loosely-carried. Its dark and almond-shaped eyes carry an intelligent and alert expression and it has large and erect ears. Its coat is short, thick and dense with longer hairs around the neck, withers and back. The coat colour for the Carolina Dog is also distinctive, usually coming in deep red ginger with pale buff markings on the shoulders and along the muzzle. The lighter shading is visible on its underside, throat and chest.

Although the Carolina Dog is a natural animal that thrives in the wild, it is adaptable to domestic living and can integrate well into the family framework. It is a pack dog, intelligent, responsive and learns fast. It has a well-developed hunting instinct but with proper training and socialization can be an affectionate, loyal house pet. They are not destructive nor display an overtly aggressive behaviour and will be great with children.

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