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What Is Cocaine Addiction Recovery Like?

Cocaine addiction recovery can be thought of as a journey, as opposed to a place the addict gets to. It is something that the former addict will have to live with for the rest of his or her life. Having a support system is the key to the individual being able to stay clean over a long period of time.

A 12-step program, such as the one offered by Narcotics Anonymous, has been shown to be an effective treatment option for people who are recovering from cocaine addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous will accept people into the program who are trying to recover from drug addiction and this is another option to consider. Many people who have a history of cocaine abuse also use alcohol or other drugs. The best way to figure out which program would be the best fit is to attend a few meetings from each one and then make a choice.

When starting on the road to recovery, spending some time at an inpatient facility is a good idea. These rehab centers should be able to provide people interested in going there with information about what cocaine addiction recovery is like under their program. You are much more likely to get off the drug if the approach the center has adopted makes sense to you.

Be sure to ask whether you will be offered individual as well as group therapy as part of the process. Some addiction treatment centers offer alternate forms of therapies, such as a Native American approach that includes spending time in a sweat lodge. If you are a person who doesn't see the value of this type of treatment, then you wouldn't be a good candidate for it. Part of recovering from your cocaine addiction is having a positive mental outlook that your efforts will pay off and that you can get clean and stay that way.

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