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Columbia Southern University Online

Columbia Southern University (CSU) is proud to have been among the first in the nation to be a completely online university. CSU was founded in 1993 by Dr. Robert Mayes and since then has grown to be an online university with more than 23000 students enrolled. Currently all online degree programs from CSU are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

CSU offers a whole slew of Associate, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programs in the field of Business Management, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Health Care, Human Resource Management, and Occupational Safety and Health. It also offers online certificate programs.

Admission at CSU is very simple with the following basic requirement for each program:

- Undergraduate Programs - High School Diploma or GED
-Graduate Programs - Accredited Bachelor’ Degree
-Doctoral Program –Accredited MBA Degree and two years of professional experience post baccalaureate

All applicants for all programs are also required to access to the Internet and a valid e-mail account.

Tuition at CSU is priced at $200 per credit hour for undergraduate courses, $265 per credit hour for graduate courses and $300 per credit hour for doctorate programs. Note than for those in active Military duty graduate tuition fee is discounted at $250 per credit hour. Tuition listed is not inclusive of fees.

Financial aid is available at CSU in the form of Federal aid, Military education benefits, and scholarships. The Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship is grants $5000 each year to graduates with CGPA of 3.8 or higher.

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