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Dirty Jobs: 10 Jobs Nobody Really Wants, but Somebody's Got to Do

Dirty jobs. Nobody wants them, but somebody's gotta do 'em. Ever wonder what motivated people to take the jobs that nobody wants? It's not always salary. Because a lot of the dirty jobs on this list from don't have big salaries. Maybe it's the challenge? Maybe it's the necessity of bringing home the bacon? Whatever it is, some people have real backbones... the type of spine I could only imagine having.

Check out this great graphic on Dirty Jobs (via ZeroHedge)

They're Dirty Jobs

Here's the list of dirty jobs:

1. Geriatric nursing
2. Lift pump remover
3. Esthetician
4. Crime scene cleaner
5. Slaughterhouse
6. Garbage collector
7. Proctologist
8. Emergency medical technician
9. Roadkill collector
10. Parent

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