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Do Cellulite Creams Really Work?

Cellulite is a problem which affects a large percentage of the population. However, the prevalence of the cellulite problem has done little to change public opinion. Cellulite is generally viewed with public derision. Case in point, Jennifer Hewitt’s run in with the gossip magazines last summer. Even though she is beautiful from head to toe, the candid shot of her coming out of the ocean unfortunately highlighted a small cellulite problem. That photograph brought her cellulite battle to light. And the publicity vultures attacked.

If a beautiful woman like Jennifer Love Hewitt can be treated in such a manner because of a common problem endured by the majority of women, it is no wonder that the general population of cellulite sufferers is earnestly seeking a solution to their own cellulite problem. Cellulite creams are often the first sought after treatments among the many available cellulite treatments. As cellulite treatments go, cellulite creams are the least expensive and the easiest to administer. Just choose a cream from the multitude of those available from the store shelves. Take it home and apply it twice a day. The question is, though, do the cellulite creams actually work?

The effectiveness of cellulite creams has long been a source of debate. Many doctors insist cellulite creams do not reduce or eliminate cellulite. These experts argue that the companies which manufacture cellulite creams haven’t the scientific proof to back up the claims of effectiveness. And the studies which have been completed are inconclusive. A large number of the women who participated in the studies did not see any improvement. But does this really mean the popular and inexpensive cellulite creams are a bust? Many people argue quite the opposite, claiming there is improvement over time.

Although the medical community has doubts as to the effectiveness of cellulite creams in alleviating cellulite, other respected experts claim the active ingredients in cellulite creams will have an impact on cellulite, but stipulate the creams are not miraculous remedies. You cannot expect to rub an ointment on cellulite ridden areas and find the dimples gone the next morning. The creams will not eliminate cellulite. What the creams will do is minimize or mask the cellulite. But you should expect to use a cellulite cream for at least eight weeks before you start seeing results.

Cellulite creams contain active ingredients which have proven effective in treating various skin concerns. Retin-A or the less potent version retinol is included in many of the cellulite creams. Retinol is also credited with increased collagen production which has been proven to thicken the upper layer of skin cells. One reason men do not generally have an issue with cellulite is because their skin is thicker than women’s skin. Thicker skin prevents the bulging fat cells from being displayed through the skin. The caffeine often found in cellulite creams increases blood flow and diminishes the look of cellulite.

There are other ingredients commonly found in cellulite creams which have also skin enhancing properties or fat burning qualities. The various ingredients work together to improve the overall tone of the skin and to decrease the bulge of the fat cells. It is expected that targeting these two aspects will improve the appearance of cellulite. Though some experts question the ability of cellulite creams to effect any change at all, others stipulate the creams will make some impact. The cellulite creams are not a cure, though. In order to obtain and maintain results, cellulite cream users will need to continue applying the cream indefinitely. Once you cease applying the cream, the appearance of cellulite can once again become more pronounced.

So what is the answer to the question currently in debate? Do cellulite creams really work? Unfortunately, there is still much dissension on the subject. The answer would depend on who you ask. Given the fact that the cellulite creams are not all that expensive, it may behoove you to test out the product yourself. You would have to allow up to six months time to ensure sufficient time was allotted for the product to fully work its magic. But you would be able to determine if the cellulite cream effectively reduced the appearance of cellulite on your body. There is, after all, a chance that the disparity in determining the effectiveness of cellulite creams is due to the fact that results may vary from one individual to another.

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