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eCornell Online

eCornell is the online arm of the prestigious Cornell University. It currently offers over 95 online courses and 24 certificate programs in various fields of study. All of eCornell's courses are designed by Cornell University's faculty and learning and user-experience designers.

eCornell has earned numerous reviews and awards including the “Best Leadership Development Program” for 2009 by eLearning! magazine. It has also been recognized by the Training Industry Inc. to rank among the ‘Top 20 Leadership Development Companies’ of 2010.

Currently eCornell offers online programs in the following fields: Leadership and Strategic Management, Project Leadership and Systems Design, Financial Management, Management Essentials, Human Resources Management, and Hospitality and Food Service Management.

eCornell is not accredited as a university but its curriculum has been approved by the following institutions:

The American Council on Education (ACE)
Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)
Project Management Institute (PMI)

All eCornell courses are also eligible for continuing education units (CEU), from the School of Continuing Education at Cornell University.

Admission requirements at eCornell vary per course. Note that for its HR Directors Certification program admission requirements include a Bachelor Degree and 3 years of work experience in the HR field.

Tuition at eCornell for individual online courses ranges from $625 to more than $1000. Certificate programs' tuition ranges from $3750 to $8100. Financial options at eCornell include interest-free payment plans and a direct discount of 25% to students that pay in full. Financial aid is also available to those in active military duty as well as veterans.

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