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ECPI College of Technology

ECPI College of Technology is a commuter college that specializes in programs and trainings in Technology, Business, Health Sciences and Culinary. Since 1966, ECPI has been dispensing coursework with real-world application. It has several campus-based classes in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina as well as online classes. Campus locations in Virginia include Glen Allen, Manassas, Newport News, Virginia Beach and 2 sites in Richmond. North Carolina classes are held in Greensboro, Raleigh and 2 sites in Charlotte while South Carolina classes are held in Charleston, Columbia and in Greenville. These campuses are located across 3 states and have full labs and studios. The Medical Careers Institute is ECPI’s School of Health Sciences while the Culinary Institute of Virginia is ECPI’s School of Culinary Arts.

Academic offerings of ECPI include programs leading to bachelor’s and associate degrees, diploma and certification. Programs of study are in the fields of Business and Management, Computer Science and Engineering, Engineering Technician, Medical Administration, Medical Support and Technology, Nursing and Emergency Medicine, Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts. However, not all programs are available at all campuses.

The student population of ECPI is comprised mostly of adults of varying ages and work experiences. While some are fresh high school graduates, most are seeking possibilities for new careers or career advancement. Faculty members of ECPI are academic specialists equipped with real-world experience while college staff members offer support through advising and tutoring assistance. Class schedules are made flexible through the college’s day, evening and online classes. Depending on the students’ commitment, a bachelor’s degree can be earned in as short as 2 ½ years while associate degrees can be earned in just 1 ½ years. This is also made possible by focused programs that help students move from classroom to the workforce in the shortest possible time.

Annual college tuition and fees is approximately $ 12,500.00.

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