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English Setter Dog Breed

Also called the Laverack Setter for its breeder Sir Edward Laverack, the breed was developed in England from crossing Spanish Pointer, French hunting dogs, large Water Spaniel and Springer Spaniel. The word “setter” was derived from the way the dogs would appear to be almost sitting once they discover the game. Long and lean, the English Setter weighs about 45 to 80 pounds and has a height of 23 to 27 inches. It has an oval-shaped skull, a long and square muzzle and a defined stop. The nose has wide nostrils, ears that are set back and low and covered with silky hair. It has large, round eyes that are dark brown or hazel in colour. Its tail is thicker at the base and tapers to a point with straight and silky feathering. It has a silky and wavy coat that lies flat on the body with feathering on the tail, back of the legs, abdomen, chest and ears. Colours include white with blue, orange, brown and lemon of various shades and markings.

The English Setter is a quiet worker with a calm and gentle temperament. Its talents include hunting, agility, tracking, retrieving, pointing and watch dog. They are friendly and excellent with children and craving of all the affection and attention they can get. They are energetic and playful outdoors - they like to roam, dig and jump around, but they are relatively inactive when indoors. There are two types of English Setters: the field types are for field trial and hunting and are generally smaller and lighter; the bench (show) lines are bred for conformation shows.

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