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English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed

The English Springer Spaniel is said to be the founder of all hunting spaniel breeds. The Clumber, the Sussex, the Welsh Springer, the Irish Water and the Cocker Spaniel have all been developed from the English Springer Spaniel. The term “springer” comes from the way the breed would “spring” or “flush” game birds into the air. It is believed to have descended from the Norfolk or Shropshire spaniels back in the 1800s. It weighs from 40 to 55 pounds and stands at a height of 18 to 21 inches. It has a broad skull that is flat and the length of its head is the same as its neck. Its eyes are medium-sized and oval-shaped, ears that are long, wide, pendant and hang close to the cheeks. The coat is moderately long with feathering over the legs, ears and cheeks. Colours commonly come in liver and white, black and white, blue or liver roan, tricolour patterns with tan markings found on eyebrows, cheeks and under the tail.

This versatile gun dog can perform tasks such as hunting, tracking, retrieving, watch dog, agility, competitive obedience and performing tricks. They are even-tempered, intelligent, sociable and friendly. As well they are excellent with children and good with other pets but as they are game bird hunters should not be left alone with pet birds. They are playful, cheerful and energetic, their tails always seem to be wagging and in motion. The English Springer Spaniel has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

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