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English Toy Spaniel Dog Breed

The English Toy Spaniel is also called the King Charles Spaniel, developed in the British Isles and was a favored pet of the British Royalty. This small spaniel stands at a height of 10 inches and weighs 12 pounds and has a square, sturdy build. The head is round and large with a very short muzzle and a nose that is pushed up and back. It has a deep and well-defined stop with a nose that is black and large. The jaw is large and square with a slight underbite. Its eyes are large and dark brown or black with black eye rims. The coat is long, silky and either straight or slightly wavy with feathering on the chest, ears, front and back legs and feet. There are four colour varieties: black and tan, solid red with white hairs or patch on the chest, white with red print on the head, and tri-color of white with black and tan markings.

A sociable and gentle breed with a sweet and quiet personality, the English Toy Spaniel is naturally well-behaved and makes a good home companion. This is basically a toy dog breed and should not be expected to perform tasks such as watch dog although it will do a reasonably decent job of it. They are primarily indoor animals and are sensitive to extreme conditions or climates. They are playful, loving and devoted. Like many other short-faced and short-nosed breeds they tend to wheeze and snore. They can live up to 12 years.

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