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Estonian Hound Dog Breed

This dog is the only breed developed in Estonia, hence many believe that this can be considered as the national dog breed of Estonia. It is a scent hound developed from years of crossing breeds such as Beagles, Swiss Hounds, Luzern Hounds, Bern Hounds with the local hound breeds in Estonia. The Estonian Hound is a medium-sized breed with a solid bone structure and a sturdy body. It stands at a height of 17 to 21 inches and weighs from 33 to 44 pounds. It has a wedge-shaped head with a rounded, flat skull tapering to a well-defined muzzle. The nose is large and black, the eyes are dark brown and the ears are pendant and hanging to the cheek. The tail appears thicker as it is covered in its full length with even thick hair. Its coat is short, evenly rough and shiny. The coat usually comes in white with either black, red, or saddle like patch on the back.

The Estonian Hound has an even and mild-mannered disposition. Used to hunt hare and fox, nowadays they are usually kept as house companions. Friendly, happy and pleasant, the Estonian Hound loves nothing better than to snuggle up to its owners. They are calm, smart and active when outdoors but they need early socialization and training so as not to be timid around other dogs and be able to adjust to new situations. They are fairly easy to teach and because they have natural hunting instincts they are capable of going back to a work routine.

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