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Is Evening Primrose Rose Oil Effective Against PMS?

PMS, or pre-menstrual syndrome, is a condition that affects a lot of women. This condition can start two weeks before the first day of the menses and even continue during the first few days of menstruation. There are many symptoms associated with PMS, the most popular of which are irritation, mood swings, depression, cramping, and being bloated. Any woman who has experienced PMS will tell you that they will try anything to get rid of PMS. (Any man whose partner has had PMS will tell you the same thing!)

There are various treatments suggested for PMS, although there is no definitive cure for it. Many of these treatments are herbal in nature, and evening primrose oil is one of them. Evening primrose oil has gained popularity as a treatment for PMS as it is supposed to deal with the wide range of symptoms that are associated with PMS.

Evening primrose oil is supposed to lessen the effects of depression, mood swings, and irritability that come with PMS. While everyone has her low moments, these PMS symptoms can get really bad and reach a point wherein they interfere with work and daily routine. Using evening primrose oil can help you maintain your routine.

Another effect of evening primrose oil is that it helps to lessen the severity of cramping. When PMS starts and cramping comes with it, the pain can be debilitating. While pain relievers will help in the short term, evening primrose oil can help in the long term. More so, it also helps avoid you getting bloated.

In short, evening primrose oil is backed up by a lot of anecdotal evidence. If you suffer from bad PMS, it is definitely worth a try.

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