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Family History Has a Role to Play in Depression

While it has been established that people who have a family history of depression, drug addiction and anxiety may not necessarily develop those disorders, a new study has found that if they do develop those ailments, they are likely to suffer more and may need more assistance and treatment than the average patient.

Researchers in New Zealand spent 30 years tracking around 981 people from the time they were 3 years old and till the time they reached 32. They mainly tracked their mental and psychiatric condition and checked things like depression, drug addiction/dependence, alcohol addiction and anxiety. Study showed that those who had a family history of such disorders lead a more disruptive life and such conditions were more severe in them.

Researchers also came to the conclusion that the previously established fact which says that family history isn't associated with the onset of such disorders holds true. None of the participants seemed to develop such disorders out of the blue and there were specific reasons and conditions behind those disorders.

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