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Field Spaniel Dog Breed

The Field Spaniel used to belong to the same breed as the English Cocker Spaniel where both originated from. It was in the 20th century when the two were classified separately with the Field Spaniel being anything above 25 pounds. A medium-sized dog, it weighs from 35 to 50 pounds and stands at an average height of 18 inches. It has a slightly wide skull, a strong, long and lean muzzle with a moderate but well defined stop. The eyes are medium-sized and almond in shape and comes in dark hazel to brown. It has a large nose that ranges from light brown to dark brown to black, all depending on the coat colour of the dog. Its feathered ears are medium in length and set slightly below the eyes. Its medium-length coat is silky, flat or slightly wavy with slight feathering on the chest, underside, back of the legs and bottom of the tail. Colours come in black and in various shades of liver with or without speckles or tan markings.

This gun dog breed is very sociable and can adapt to almost any kind of lifestyle. Some of their talents include tracking, hunting, retrieving and watch dog. Active, easy-going, charming and with a pleasing temperament, the Field Spaniel makes an excellent family pet. They are good with other dogs, animals and children. They are quick to learn and are happiest when they have something to do. They are sensitive animals, however, and they react strongly to harsh tones and commands. The breed is prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections but can live up to 12 years with proper care.

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