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Finnish Hound Dog Breed

Finland’s most popular native working breed, the Finnish Hound was developed in the 1800’s by crossing French, German and Swedish hounds. It bears similarity to the Harrier. Also called the Finnish Bracke, it weighs an average of 55 pounds and stands at a height of 20 to 24 inches. It has a slightly domed skull with a long muzzle and well developed nose. The jaws are strong and powerful and it has ears that are moderately long and pendulous. It has a muscular neck, deep chest, moderately long and muscular back. The tail is long and tapering toward the tip, typically carried level with the back or slightly lower. Its coat is moderately long, straight and fairly stiff with colours coming in tan with black saddle. It would also usually have small white markings on the head, chest, feet and the tip of the tail.

The breed has been used to hunt wild game such as fox, hare, elk and lynx. It has a keen sense of smell and can hunt even in difficult conditions, pursuing the quarry with passionate barking. It is even-tempered, fast, independent, energetic but calm when not working. The Finnish Hound is a pleasant companion at home. They have great stamina and requires long, brisk daily walking and running. The Finnish Hound can live up to 12 years.

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