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Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

In its native Finland, the breed is called Suomenpystykorva, which roughly translates to “Finnish Cock-eared Dog.” Believed to be an old hunting breed, the Finnish Spitz is the national dog of Finland. It was brought to the Scandinavian regions from Central Russia. The Finnish Spitz resembles the fox in terms of physical features. Weighing approximately from 31 to 35 pounds and standing at a height of 15 to 20 inches, the breed has a square and muscular build. Its head is flat between the ears, rounding slightly at the forehead and tapering to a narrow muzzle with a pronounced stop. Its eyes are dark, almond-shaped and are black-rimmed. The nose and lips are also darkly pigmented. It has high-set and erect ears, a plumed tail that curls up over the back. The coat consists of two layers - an undercoat that is soft and dense, and the topcoat made of long and harsh hairs. The hair is shorter on the head and legs. Colours come in various shades of golden-red, red-brown, yellowish-red and may come with or without small white markings.

Popular in Scandinavian regions as a hunting dog, the Finnish Spitz is a “bark pointer” meaning it can signal the position of the game by barking to alert the hunter. This trait also makes them a good watch dog. As a house pet, it is a great companion for all the family members. They are friendly, active, keen, independent but very sociable. The Finnish Spitz can do other tasks such as competitive obedience and agility.

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