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Five Mods That Can Make Your Car Slower

If you're into cars, you're probably always searching for ways to make your ride faster or more stylish. Sometimes the two are mutually exclusive, as RideLust points out with "Five Bolt Ons That Will Make Your Car Slower". Here's what they say you should avoid:

1) Bigger wheels - if the upgraded wheels are heavier than what you're running now, your car won't accelerate, brake or corner any better, and may perform worse.

2) Cheap tires - tires are what get you going, allow you to corner and stop you. If you need to save money, choosing cheap, no-name tires should be your last resort.

3) Generic cold air intakes - if it isn't specifically designed for your car, chances are good a cold air intake won't add power.

4) Generic exhausts - as with intakes, a one-size-fits-all exhaust probably won't add anything except noise.

5) Junk science - you can't add a pill or stick an electric fan in your intake to get more horsepower. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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