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Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is a public, co-educational research university that started its operations at an airbase at Boca Raton. Sponsored by Thomas Fleming, Jr., the university opened in 1964 as a learning institution for upper division students only. Envisioned to be a “different” university that would provide higher learning not just to sons of wealthy members of society but to anyone who had the interest and the potential, FAU has gradually expanded and now has an enrollment of over 27,000 students.

The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, specialists and doctoral degree programs through the university’s six distinguished colleges; namely, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs; Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters; Charles E. Schmidt College of Biomedical Science; College of Business; College of Education; College of Engineering and Computer Science; The Graduate College; Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College; Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing; and Charles E. Schmidt College of Science.

Part of the school’s mission is to insure that students who want to avail themselves of education provided by FAU are given all the necessary means to do so. Thus, began the steady expansion of its distance learning programs. Determined to bring the university to where the students are, 7 additional campuses were set up in the Florida area in addition to FAU’s main campus at Boca Raton. Online Courses are also being offered to students who may not have the time to attend FAU’s traditional day classes.

Average cost of attendance at Florida AtlanticUniversity is US112.23 per credit hour for undergraduate, in-state students and US$255 per credit hour for in-state graduate students. For out-of-state enrollees, cost of tuition is US$547.69 for undergraduate students and US$914.70 for graduate students. Financial assistance is extended to students who qualify. There is also on-campus housing available for full-time students.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Florida Atlantic University.

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