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Florida Christian College

Florida Christian College is a four-year higher education institution located in a quiet 40-acre area in Kissimmee, Florida. Founded in 1976 under the name Central Florida Bible College, the school changed its name to Florida Christian College in 1985 during which it also moved to its current location.

The college offers a two-year Associate of Arts degree and a four-year Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees. It also has a Bachelor of Theology program which is a five-year program.

The aim of the college is to provide instruction to men and women who are gearing up for a life of service to God whether this be in a position within the Church or outside of it. Every student who enters the college must be prepared to undergo a Bible-centered education that is rooted in the school’s Christian beginnings.

At Florida Christian College, an academic program is made up of a curriculum of academic and non-academic courses including some taken from the school’s three divisions of study; namely, the Division of Bible, the Division of Ministry and the Division of Humanities. The college also offers online elective courses as well as online degree completion programs.

There are currently around 272 undergraduate students enrolled at Florida Christian College with a male to female ratio of 56% to 44%. The average class size is 18 students with a faculty to student ratio of 13 to 1. This assures the students that they get the focused instruction the college promises them.

Cost to attend Florida Christian College for the year 2009-2010 is US$350 per credit hour or US$1,260 per semester if tuition and fees include on-campus housing. Financial aid is extended to students who may find tuition fees too steep. On campus housing is available for students who are interested.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Florida Christian College.

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