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Florida College

Florida College is a four-year co-educational institution for higher learning located at Temple Terrace, Florida. It offers students Bible-based liberal arts education to prepare them for a future life of service to the community and humanity as a whole.

Opened in 1946, Florida College offers bachelor’s degrees in Biblical Studies, Liberal Studies, Music, Elementary Education, and Business. It also offers an Associate in Arts degree program. Rooted in its Christian beginnings, the college expects its students to maintain the highest standards of morality and integrity and to uphold the Bible as the source of truth. Every subject offered in Florida College is taught from the Biblical perspective.

All subjects in the college are taught by highly qualified faculty members who are known experts in their field and who hold the highest degree in their respective areas. With a student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1, students are provided adequate attention from their teachers and a chance to interact directly with one another during classes.

Cost of tuition at Florida College is lower than most private colleges and is at par with state universities. For full-time undergraduate students living on campus, the average admission cost is a total of US$9,349. Students who may find the cost of tuition too expensive may avail themselves of financial aid through loans, grants, scholarships, and on-campus employment.

On-campus housing is available for students. There is a separate residential hall for boys and a separate hall for girls. All rooms in the halls are provided with high-speed internet to aid the students in their quest for learning.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Florida College.

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