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Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences or FHCHS is located in Orlando, Florida and is a private institution associated with the Seventh Day Adventists and the Florida Hospital Seventh Day Adventist Church. A tertiary institution established in 1992, FHCHS specializes in providing nursing and allied health education to healthcare professionals. In keeping with the mission of both Florida Hospital and the Christian values of the Seventh Day Adventists, students of the college are developed not only intellectually but socially, physically and spiritually.

FHCHS offers courses leading to a degree in Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Associate of Science, as well as Certificate Programs. Those who are not interested in pursuing a degree in healthcare can take up General Education courses in Humanities or in the biological, physical and social sciences. Aside from regular day classes, the college also has a Distance Education Program whereby students interested to study at FHCHS but who cannot find the time to attend day classes can complete their courses online.

The total number of students currently enrolled at FHCHS is 2,086 assisted by 25 faculty members. The cost of attending the college for undergraduate students is US$290 per credit hour plus another US$290 for matriculation fee. For students under the Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia program, the tuition cost is US$40,000. The cost of tuition per credit varies according to the chosen major for those enrolling in the Professional Programs.

On campus housing is available at a cost of US$1,700 per trimester.

Students who find the cost of admission too steep can apply for financial aid.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.

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