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Florida International University

Florida International University or FIU is a public, four-year research university located in Miami-Dade County with two campuses – a 344-acre Modesto A. Maidique campus in the west and a 200-acre Biscayne Bay campus in the northeast. No less than the Carnegie Foundation has recognized the tremendous research activity going on in FIU which for over four decades now has continued in its search for answers to challenging research questions

As a learning institution, FIU offers students a choice of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programs through its distinguished colleges: College of Architecture and the Arts, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Engineering and Computing, Honors College, College of Law, College of Medicine, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, College of Public Health and Social Work and University College which offers continuing education. With so many colleges to choose from, students are able to pursue the field of study closest to their heart and which interests them the most.

Currently there are over 39,499 students enrolled at FIU coming from diverse backgrounds – a fact that contributes to the school’s dynamism as Miami’s premier research institution. Based on enrollment, FIU is one of the largest schools in the United States today. FIU is proud of the fact that 96% of its full-time faculty members hold the highest degree possible in their field of study.

Tuition and fee rates for entrance to FIU is computed according to whether the student is or is not a resident of Florida. For resident undergraduate students, the cost of tuition per credit hour is US$142.04 and for non-residents, US$555.34. Financial aid is extended to students who may be having problems paying for admission. On-campus housing is available in both campuses of the university.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Florida International University.

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