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French Bulldog Dog Breed

Commonly called the “Frenchie,” the breed is believed to have originated from Nottingham, England and was developed from crossing terriers and pugs. Despite the name, the French bulldog is an international breed, a smaller, lap version of the English Bulldog that gained widespread popularity in France. A compact and stocky breed, it weighs from 19 to 28 pounds and stands at 12 inches. It is muscular and sturdy whose distinct feature is its naturally occurring “bat ears” that stand erect. Its head is large and square but rounded at the forehead with a broad muzzle and a well defined stop. Its chest is deep and broad, and the skin is rather loose with wrinkles forming around its head and shoulders. Its upper lips hang down over the lower lips with the lower jaw set deep. It has round eyes that are set wide apart. It has a tail that is either straight or cork-screw. The coat is short and smooth and made of medium-length and fine hairs. Colours come in a variety - brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white and in varying patterns as well.

The French Bulldog is a companion dog breed and all its traits make it suitable for the job. It is pleasant, playful, alert and affectionate. They are not yappy and loud and can amuse their owners endlessly with their comical personality. Because of their size, they are ideal for small space dwelling. However, they cannot swim and care must be taken when engaging the breed in exercise or playful activities during hot or humid weather. It has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

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