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German Hunt Terrier Dog Breed

In its native Germany, the German Hunt Terrier (also called Jagdterrier, Deutscher Jagdterrier and German Jagdterrier) is a hunting dog used for a wide variety of game like the fox, weasel, badger and wild boar. A product of a stringent and exhaustive breeding program, the Jagdterrier was developed to be a “true German Hunt Terrier” that befitted the rising nationalistic sentiment in Germany during World War II. Medium-sized, the breed has a slight resemblance to the Doberman Pinscher or a Patterdale Terrier with a brown or reddish-tan marking on the muzzle and undercarriage. It weighs about 20 to 22 pounds and stands at a height of 16 inches. It has a square build with a deep and narrow chest that enables the dog to enter dens. It has a wedge-shaped head with a flat skull. The legs are in proportion to the body, not stubby nor long. Ears lay close to the head and the tail is set high and straight. It has a coat that may either be harsh or smooth but is always thick and dense to protect the dog when it crawls through thorny bushes and briars.

The German Hunt Terrier is a highly intelligent and adaptable hunting dog, used for both above and underground game hunting. At work they are determined, lively and energetic but they maintain a regal and dignified air even at rest. They are friendly with people and affectionate with their masters. The Jagdterrier was bred to posses the fearless characteristics of early day den terriers - alert, athletic, active and cunning.

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