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German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Breed

This old hunting breed originated in Germany in the 1800s and was descended from the Spanish Pointer, although some believe that it was a mix of different types of hunting, trail, track and scent dogs such as the German Bird Dog, Hounds of St. Hubert, the Foxhound and later on the English Pointer. This versatile gundog is well-proportioned and streamlined, standing at 21 to 25 inches and weighing from 45 to 70 pounds. Its skull is slightly rounded at the top, and broad and arched on the sides - the profile should be straight with a long muzzle and a slight stop when viewed from the side.

Its eyes are medium-sized, almond-shaped and dark brown in colour. Its nose is large and brown in colour with nostrils that are wide open. Its ears are high set, broad and hang close to the head. Its feet are webbed and the tail is typically docked to about 40% of the length. The coat is short, thick, rough to the touch but not on the head and ears where the hairs are softer, shorter and thinner. Colours include solid liver, liver and white, white ticked or liver roan.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a hunting dog by nature - it is an excellent retriever both in field and water and a pointer . It is bold, affectionate, cooperative and easy to train. It loves to be around humans and best suited for families with active lifestyles. Aside from being a hunting dog, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a good watch dog.

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