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Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a private, Catholic and Jesuit university located in Spokane, Washington. Founded in 1887 by the Society of Jesus and named after a young Jesuit saint, the university is dedicated to the Jesuit ideals of “educating the mind, body and spirit to create men and women for others.”

At the core of the university’s curriculum is a comprehensive liberal arts foundation that integrates philosophy, theology, history, mathematics, literature and the natural and social sciences. In all these, the binding force is the written word as students of the university are made to write extensively throughout the course of their study.

Gonzaga University offers students undergraduate degrees in a wide-range of majors as well as master’s degrees and doctoral degrees through its distinguished schools and colleges; namely, College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Law, and School of Professional Studies.

Cost of tuition for academic year 2009-2010 for full-time undergraduate students is US$14,600 per semester and US$850 per credit for part-time undergraduate students. For graduate students, tuition cost per credit is US$745 and for doctoral degrees, US$800. All these costs pertain only to tuition and do not include other fees that may be required.

To help students in paying for their tuition, the university extends financial aid by way of loans, grants and scholarships to qualified students.

On-campus housing is available and required for freshman and sophomore students. As a result, around 2,100 students of the total 7,682 students enrolled in the university live on campus.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Gonzaga University.

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