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Great American Smokeout 2010, Five Tips to Quit for Life

Wednesday, November 18, 2010 is the annual Great American Smokeout. The American Cancer Society began the nationwide campaign over 25 years old encouraging tobacoo users to give up the vice for good. With an increasing number of public spaces, governmental offices, and workplaces adopting smoke free policies to protect non-smokers and support smokers to quit, here are 5 Ways Tips To Quit For Life:

1. Stop And Stay Busy.
The easiest way to not smoke or use tobacco products is to stop and stay busy. Do whatever you need to do: work, clean, exercise, play with your children, listen to music, or even sit down and allow yourself five minutes to sip a glass of water while congratulating yourself for kicking the habit. Don't let negative thoughts seep into the quitting process and brace yourself for a few rough weeks.

2. Toss The Reminders.
The second way to not smoke is to toss the reminders. Get rid of your tobacco products, lighters, ashtrays, and cigarettes. Withdrawl is a painful part of the quitting process so not seeing the reminders will assist you in your struggle.

3. Abstain From Alcohol, Tempting Situations, And Other Smokers.
It generally takes two weeks for your body to adjust to not smoking. Though tempting, during the first weeks following kicking the habit, avoid alcohol and other smokers. Proximity to cigarettes and tobacco products will increase the likelihood of a relapse. Resisting during the first weeks will be extremely difficult, especially with temptation so near. If you relapse, the nicotine and chemicals will only refuel the sensors in your body receptive to smoking so try to avoid situations and people which could possibly trigger a relapse. If you do light up, try, try, try to not smoke again.

4. Manage Withdrawl And Change Your Routine.
Smoking and tobacco users often base the majority of their lives around their tobacco habit. With drawl symptoms will hit the hardest in those moments and changing your routine will help make the process of quitting smoother. When you experience cravings, reach for a healthy alternative like carrot sticks, sugarless mints, gum, or nicotine replacement therapy in the form of patches, gum, or lozenges.

5. Stash Your Tobacco Cash.
Tobacco products are expensive, with the average pack of cigarettes costing smokers around $10 per day. Stashing the money you would have spent on cigarettes away for two weeks will bank $140 dollars you could spend on a small indulgence and invest in your future.

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