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Greek Sheepdog Dog Breed

The Greek Sheepdog (or Greek Shepherd) is believed to have descended from the Turkish Akbash Dog which were brought by Turkish travelers around as they journeyed through Greece. This flock guardian stands around 23 to 29 inches and weighs from 70 to 110 pounds. It is solidly built and possesses an immense strength that enables the breed to herd the flock and protect it from poaching animals. The Greek Sheepdog has a massive head with a slightly curved skull and prominent eyebrow arches. It has a thick neck, long muscular legs and a deep chest. The ears are large and V-shaped, resting naturally on the side of the head. The skin is thick, the muzzle is wide and deep, as well as the cheeks. It has brown eyes that are oval-shaped with tight eyelids giving it a serious and calm look. Its tail is thick at the base and the double layer of coat is dense and abundant. Typical colours are black, grayish-brown and white.

The Hellenikos Poimenikos is a strong-willed dog that is not suitable for first time owners as it has a tendency to dominate and be stubborn. As a working breed, it is a natural guard dog, protecting the flock from predators such as wolves. It has a high sense of duty and shows only loyalty to the flock leader-shepherd. It can adapt to rough terrains and extreme conditions. A healthy and energetic breed, it is capable of moving all day with minimal demand for food. The Greek Sheepdog can live about 12 years.

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