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Hellenic Hound Dog Breed

The “Greek Harehound” (Hellenikos Ichnilatis) is a native of Greece, having descended from the ancient Laconikoi of Peloponessus and in existence for thousands of years. This hare hound has for most of the time remained in isolation in the inaccessible and mountainous areas of Greece and has thus remained pure with as little changes in the breed. A medium-sized dog, it weighs between 38 to 44 pounds and stands from 18 to 22 inches. A healthy and athletic breed, the Hellenic Hound has a few distinct features - the coat of predominantly black with tan markings and a beautiful and loud voice which can be heard for many miles when it is out on the field. It has a muscular and robust build. It has a taut skin and short, sleek hair, ears that lie flat to the head, a black nose and eye rims that are tight.

The Hellenikos Ichnilatis is a keen hunter with all the exemplary traits - courageous, outgoing, resourceful, intelligent and passionate on the field. As a household pet, it is friendly and affectionate, happy in the presence of its master and dealing well with other canine pets. It has an independent streak that conveys its strong temperament - it can hunt on its own if it feels it has to, and just turns over the game towards its handler later on. It is slow to mature - usually coming at around two to three years of age. It has a life expectancy of about 11 years.

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