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Henley-Putnam University Online

Henley-Putnam University prioritizes intelligence, counterterrorism and protection having the mission of serving professionals in the strategic industry specializing on the study of law enforcement, military and community. The university is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. This accreditation paved way for the university being known for its achievements, and high rankings which eventually led to its different membership such as it being a member of the Better Business Bureau. Henley-Putnam University has been continuously getting good reviews on how it prioritizes the three core values, advancement, vigilance and allegiance.

Henley-Putnam University’s online program and online classes include different online courses and online degrees. There are Bachelors, Doctorate, Master’s and Certificate Degree programs. Bachelors and Masters Programs are Intelligence Management Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies, Management of Personal Protection. Doctorate Program includes Strategic Security while Certificate programs on executive protection, Intelligence Analysis, Counterterrorism Studies, Security Management, Intelligence Collection, Strategic Intelligence, and Intelligence and Terrorism Profiling.

Admissions in the university involve three processes. First thing to do is to contact and Admissions Coordinator that will conduct an interview over the phone and would be of guidance in the completion of one’s paperwork. Then, one must review, sign and return the completed forms and lastly, get one’s answer from the Enrollment Committee after a week or so. Degree Program Tuition costs $264 per unit, $349 for Master’s Program, and $375 for Doctorate of Strategic Security. Financial Aid and Scholarships offered in the University are David Popp Memorial Scholarship and George Washington Intelligence Tradecraft Scholarship.

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