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Herzing University

Herzing University was founded in 1965 by Henry and Suzanne Herzing as a school tasked to provide computer programming skills. Its original location was Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since the time it was established to the present time the focus of Herzing has been in business and computer-related education.

As the university gradually expanded in both enrollment and scope of study, it likewise set out to establish other campuses in other areas of the United States and Canada. Today, it maintains ten campuses in the United States; namely, the Akron Institute campus plus those in Atlanta, Birmingham, Kenosha, Madison, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Orlando, Omaha and Toledo. It also has four campuses in Canada and an online campus known as Herzing University Online which offers students the chance to earn a Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, or a Master’s Degree in a wide variety of majors.

Academically, its program offerings have expanded from the usual computer programming-related topics to other fields like business management, electronics, health care, graphic design, and public safety. Today the university is known as a progressive leader in career education.

The cost of tuition at Herzing University for full-time undergraduate students is US$26,325 for Associate in Arts and US$50,625 for Bachelor of Arts. Financial aid is extended to qualified and deserving students.

Herzing University does not offer on campus housing to students who may want to live in or within the school grounds. Thus, it has no dormitories or apartments to offer. It can, however, through its Director of Career Services provide assistance to students in locating appropriate residences.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Herzing University.

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