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Highest Paying Non-Doctor Health Care Jobs

Many people assume that the only way to make a good salary without being worked into the ground in health care is to be a doctor. But there are many high paying jobs in the health care field that don't require you to become a doctor.

Below we've listed 13 of the highest paying health care jobs according to the US Department of Labor. All of these jobs pay over $60,000 per year on average and the highest paying job comes in over $100,000.

1. Pharmacists – Salary: $106,630
2. Physician Assistants – Salary: $84,830
3. Radiation Therapists – Salary: $77,340
4. Physical Therapists – Salary: $76,220
5. Occupational Therapists – Salary: $70,680
6. Nuclear Medicine Technologists – Salary: $68,450
7. Speech-Language Pathologists – Salary: $68,350
8. Dental Hygienists – Salary: $67,860
9. Audiologists – Salary: $66,850
10. Orthotists and Prosthetists – Salary: $66,600
11. Registered Nurses – Salary: $66,530
12. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists – Salary: $64,200
13. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – Salary: $63,640

The data for this list of high paying non-doctor jobs in health care was derived from a source article entitled The 20 Best Paying Health-Care Careers Where You Don’t Need to Be a Doctor located at the website The accuracy of the data has not been thoroughly verified although the source website appears to be trustworthy and has based their data on publicly available reports from the US Department of Labor. For more details, please visit the source article.

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